Will the WBC save a player? Desperate star of yesteryear, "Give me a chance"

Will the WBC save a player? Desperate star of yesteryear, "Give me a chance"

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Will the WBC save a player? Desperate star of yesteryear, "Give me a chance"
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Italy's World Baseball Classic (WBC) journey ended with a 3-9 loss to Japan in the quarterfinals on the 16th. However, the players' baseball lives continue after the WBC. Matt Harvey's (34) baseball life is no different.

There were many analyzes that Harvey, who competed as a member of the Italian national team, made the WBC virtually his 'job search showcase'. And he hinted at that possibility in Group A, which was quite competitive. He threw 7 innings, the most among Italian pitchers, allowed 4 hits and 1 run, and recorded an earned run average of 1.29, showing the international stage that his baseball life is still going on.

Harvey went from being one of New York's best star pitchers to one of the worst with all kinds of stigma. He finished fourth in the All-Star and National League rankings in 2013 and won 13 games in 2015, but since 2016 he has had an earned run average of 5.92 in 115 games. He has not been able to sign a major league contract lately, and has only moved around with minor league contracts.

Last year, however, he was tried and convicted in relation to Tyler Skaggs' drug misuse and death accident, and was suspended from play by the Major check here League Secretariat. In the meantime, his major league starts were all over the minor leagues without a single appearance. Ahead of this season, he is invincible as he has not even been offered that minor league contract.

Harvey, who showed potential in the WBC, revealed his strong 일본야구중계 will to step back on the major league stage in an interview with the 'New York Post' on the 17th (Korean time).

"I'm hoping someone will give me a chance," Harvey said nervously, "obviously my velocity won't go up to the mid-90s. At least not yet. I hope it comes back, but even if it doesn't, how can I pitch "I know if I have to deal with hitters. I've worked really hard for a different style of pitching."

Harvey, who was a fastball pitcher in his prime, had a speed of 90 miles (145 km) in this WBC. It's not a competitive pace in the major leagues. He didn't play in the major leagues last year, so nothing has been verified. The best-case scenario for him is to return to the major leagues with good performance after signing a minor league contract.

It is difficult for Harvey to be offered any favorable terms with the opening two weeks away. However, ahead of the season, some teams are in a situation where their heads hurt due to the news of the starting pitcher's injury. There is a possibility to find alternatives to temporarily enter the position. It remains to be seen whether Harvey will get that opportunity.

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